Our canteen is a Healthy Eating Canteen which is run by a sub-committee of the P&C.  Our canteen manager is Mel, supported by Brenda.

The canteen can be contacted by phoning Mel on 9939 7835 during canteen hours.

The Canteen Committee Convenor, Deborah Miller, can be contacted on



The Canteen Committee are excited to announce that we have donated $25,000 to the MSC P&C in Term 2 2016.  This money will be used for projects around the school.  A big thank you to our wonderful volunteers who have assisted us to raise these funds through their hard work in the canteen.  Your contribution is much appreciated!

Deb Miller, Canteen Committee Convenor

Canteen Price List

Manly Canteen Price List 2017

Term 4 Manly Selective canteen roster 25 August 2017


Canteen Volunteers Needed!

The Canteen needs volunteers each day to help prepare and serve nutritious and well-priced food for the children at MSC.  Volunteering can be on a monthly or term basis, generally between 9am to 2:30pm.  Alternatively, if you cannot work on a regular basis you can nominate to be included on our reserve list to fill in when required.  If you cannot spare the whole time we would still appreciate your assistance.

Canteen is a great opportunity to make new friends, catch up on the gossip, slot in meetings at school, meet the teachers who pop down for their lunch, find out what a chilli chicken tender tastes like and meet your children’s friends.  No experience is necessary, Mel and Brenda will train you in everything you need to know!

If you are interested in volunteering at the canteen please call Mel during school hours on 9939 7835 or complete and return the Canteen Volunteer Form 2017.

Canteen Committee

The Canteen Committee welcomes new members.  Meetings are generally held in the evening of Tuesday in Week 5 of each term to discuss canteen ideas and issues.  The only requirement to join the Committee is an interest in our healthy menu and to provide assistance with the administrative tasks associated with the running of our canteen.

You will be joining a friendly and experienced Committee and making a great contribution to your child’s school.  For more information please contact the Canteen Committee Convenor, Deborah Miller, on

The 2017 canteen commmittee members are listed here.


Please download and complete this Canteen Events Form to organise food/utensils for your school event.  Return to canteen and discuss with Mel or Brenda at least one week before the event.

Thanks to our Food Tech students for the photographs of our delicious food on this page!