What do we do?

Our aim: The aim of the Manly Selective Campus (MSC) P&C Association is to promote the interests of the school through the co-operative efforts of parents, students and school

What we do: The P&C is active in many areas of school life. We help
provide facilities and equipment for the school. We promote the welfare of our students, including expanding the recreation opportunities available to them. We receive reports on current activities from our Acting Principal. This gives us an immensely valuable insight into the workings of a modern selective co-educational high school. In return, we provide feedback on school-related issues that are of importance to the parents.

When and where we meet: Meetings are usually held at 7:00pm on the third and eighth Wednesdays of each school term. Our meetings often include a guest speaker who talks to us about schooling-related issues, sometimes matters that affect schools in general, or matters more specific to schooling for high achievers. Guest speakers at P&C meetings include Head Teachers from the different faculties at MSC, SRC members, representatives of the Northern Beaches Secondary College (NBSC) and external experts.

Fees: Any parent or legal carer for a current Manly Selective student is welcome to become a member of the P&C. The membership fee is $1 per member. The voluntary P&C
contribution on your school account is $80 which includes 2 x $1 P&C memberships to cover two parents or legal carers, and the balance of $78 goes to targeted projects to enhance the school, such as the recent upgrading of the playground seating. All parents are very welcome at P&C meetings, however only financial members are eligible to vote. Membership remains current until the commencement of the first general meeting in the following year.

Committees: Our P&C organises and supports various committees involving
students, staff and parents.

There is no better way to find out what’s going on around the school than by being
involved, and though they may not always show it, your child will appreciate your support of them and their school.

Year contact list: For privacy reasons, the school does not distribute parent contact
details, so to make it possible for you to contact the parents of your child’s new friends, the P&C prepares a contact list for each school year. It goes to the parents in that year who have chosen to participate in the list and is distributed by email, usually within the first few weeks of term. Having your basic contact information (name, suburb, phone number) on the list is voluntary and the information included on the list is generated from your self registration on this website.

We encourage you to participate as it is invaluable for arranging carpooling and social

Again, welcome to the Manly Selective Campus P&C Association, and we hope you will join with us in making this a great school for all our children.